John Kripsy




Who is J.K?

John Kripsy¬†(also stylized as “J.K”) is a Nigerian-born Dubai-based Rapper, Songwriter, and also a Football Player. John Kripsy was born and raised in the hiphop culture of Festac Town, Lagos and was a well known and renowned “Festac Boy” because of the buzz he grew on the streets rapping underground. In his Festac days, he collaborated with most prominent underground musicians and he’s known for his ‘smooth lyrical flow’ in any song most notably his amazing punchlines & metaphors.

John Kripsy grew up with his family, in a Roman-Catholic home. Growing up for him was not the easiest and smoothest aspect of life as he passed through various impossible situations, as he describes as “I have been through hell and I’m out now and can’t wait to share my everyday experiences with the world”. John Kripsy has been involved in various feuds, trials and tribulations in his life but as a youngin who was focused and determined to be successful in life, he discovered that lyrics was his refuge and started engaging in rap cyphers and overtime dominated the underground rap scene in his Festac Town neighborhood. As a Footballer, from 2003 to 2008, he played for Festico Football Club, in Festac Town, Lagos. He also played for two other local Clubs in Lagos, Nigeria. He participated in various football tournaments in Festac Town, before moving to Dubai where he currently plays in the D.A.F.L.

During his school days he formed a musical group called “Bros Boys” and they would go head-to-head against other groups like “Sundown Guys” and “Shadow Men” weekly for about one year. He would write original songs or formulate songs from popular Musicians and his group will go against other groups, but they always won each week’s battle because of his great songwriting skills but he would thereafter be dissed by other groups because of his inability to dance. John Kripsy was always one of the real hiphop heads in his school and was an entertainer as often he would gather friends around and rap the lyrics of famous rappers back then most notably Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Masta Ace, and would often freestyle his own lyrics for them as well. He graduated from school with good grades and soon after went on and enrolled for University. He got into a Private University (Madonna University) in the East-side of Nigeria to study Economics but left the University after various threats to his life. Sometime in 2004, John Kripsy was attacked in Festac Town by a gang of three, of which one of them was the brother of his best friend, the case was later resolved before the Police got involved. On October 17 2008, Kripsy had a near-death experience after the car he was in with three other friends ran inside a very deep gutter-pit around 3rd Avenue in Festac Town. Luckily, John and 2 others were miraculously unharmed with just the 4th friend having a very minor injury to his mouth.

In 2009, Kripsy moved to Dubai, U.A.E to study, while studying he immediately continued his rap career and started recording and releasing more often and performing at shows in clubs. John Kripsy is now the number-one rapper in Dubai and being tagged “Dubai’s Finest Rapper”. On 10 December 2010, John Kripsy participated in a Rap Cypher for an unsurfaced TV show along with Dubai-based local Rappers; Desert Heat, Twisted, and an unknown Pakistani rapper, hosted by The Kilma in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. John Kripsy is a lyrical genius as being described in many interviews, topics and discussions, and once called “A Fresh Breath in the Nigerian Hip-hop Scene” in an article of one of Nigeria’s biggest entertainment websites 360nobs. He is constantly getting heavy buzz on his moniker “Dubai’s Finest”.

On 17 December 2011, he released his very anticipated debut Mixtape titled “Flow Motion EP” for free downloads. On 21 March 2012, he released his second Mixtape titled “Dubai’s Finest EP” which had the hit-record ‘Son Of The Soil’. Dubai’s Finest EP was an underground success most especially because it received an incredible amount of downloads, radio play, and promo, and was the reason why many different Artists of different Nationalities contacted John Kripsy for music collaborations. On May 17, 2013 he released the super project “Take It Personal” that changed the rap game in the Middle-East.